Learning language in japan  

Posted by ceddy

As you guys know, I'm currently studying japan.. And maybe you guys also knew how 'good' is their English.. I'm not looking down on them, in fact I'm kinda impressed with their way of learning English.. As we' Malaysian, we learn English since ermm.. kindergarden?? On the other hand, the japs started to learn english in secondary school, if I've not mistaken.. They are good in writing, only single words, vocabulary or spelling.. If you ask them to write an essay, I bet you will not understand at all.. But yes, all I wanted to say is the way the japs learn English is through memorizing sebiji sebiji.. いわゆる, 丸暗記ッス, which is not good at all.. The learning environment also doesn't help at all.. 24/7 Japanese only, how to improve la?? And yes, I admit that my English's deterioring as well.. I just couldn't come out with the word I want in English, and instead, I blur out Japanese.. Crazee right?? Tula la kate, masuk kandang kambing, mengembek la.. xkan berkokok mcm ayam berkokok kat m'sia?

Posted by ShoZu

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