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Well, I'm in the densya (train as in japanese) nw, goin to shibuya.. yea. I'm in Tokyo now.. Having this 工場見学 thing here 4 four days.. I'm not sure what's that call in English.. Yea, I noe my English's getting worst.. Bear me, k? And where am I staying? Hotel la of course.. LOL pay so much, of course I expect something nice.. Haha.. Evil me.. :-p and yea, do you agree with me if I say things happens in a split of seconds and that may leave a great impact on you? Yes, I just encounter that.. I'm not gonna write it down here.. Way personal to discuss it here.. I dun noe whether I'm lucky or not, considering the fact that this happens out of the blue, and actually i'm kinda embarass because of that.. So... Things happen accidentally... So be careful I should I say? Haha.. Alright, it's shibuya.. Chiow!!

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